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Armoured Civilian Vehicles

The world has been always a risky place, regardless of whether we talk about volcano, earthquake, tornadoes or carjacking, attempted assassinations, terrorist attacks. Despite the fact that we can do very little in case of disaster, we can utilize armoured cars services in order to keep us and our family safe from danger.
SVI Engineering specializes in discreet, concealed vehicle armouring solutions to increase security for individuals and families requiring extra peace of mind, knowing they are protected against various ever increasing violent levels of attacks on vehicles, whether it is firearm wielding assailants attempting a hijacking, to kidnapping attempts (an ever increasing threat).
An SVI protected vehicle provides a safe cocooned environment in which to get away from assailants, driving to a place of safety or assistance.
SVI’s tailor‐made and vehicle specific designed discreet, concealed armouring processes utilize only the finest raw materials from around the world. SVI has exclusive long standing partnerships with American Glass Products (AGP), OE ballistic glass suppliers to most of the top vehicle brands in the world, as well as the finest composite armour and steel suppliers around the world. Blended with unmatched workmanship and attention to detail, we offer our clients solutions that provide the greatest satisfaction. The vehicle retains its OE appearance with no visible clues to its defensive capabilities.

Armoured conversions are backed by many years of experience in this field, along with certification amongst others from the arms control board, TUV Rheinland ISO 9001 accreditation, to mention a few. Let SVI Engineering be your first stop to ensure yours and your family’s safety while in your vehicle.

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