Armoured Guardhouse

Armoured Guardhouse

Armoured protection for personnel and equipment is not only required on various types of vehicles, but also on static structures. SVI Engineering has been made aware of many instances where guardhouse type structures and site offices are required in remote areas of development. Sectors such as mining and construction often have basic site offices when initiating development of new sites. These sites are often in regions, mostly in Africa, that are far away and remote from general civilization resulting in compromised safety for staff required to carry out various tasks in the area prior to there being adequate building amenities to ensure a safe environment.

This seems to be a requirement even in South Africa where temporary offices, guardhouses and cash offices are required to handle casual staff payments, security and day to day site operations. SVI Engineering has conceived and designed various solutions to these scenarios in the form of self contained armoured units, that will be quick to erect and dismantle, or even be mobile enough to be built on a towable platform to be able to move from one site to another as required.

The units are self contained with armoured walls and high level ballistic resistant windows (customizable to have cut outs to exchange documents or cash, as well as grills to enable voice communication). Units can be equipped with plug points, lighting, airflow and airconditioning, glass shaded to protect from heat and glare etc. Self supporting solar systems can also be integrated to power basic systems and lighting where power normal is unreliable or not available at all. This solution can also easily be adapted to elevated guard towers where surveillance of guarded areas is required.

Options like LED pivoting spotlights can be placed on the roof to aid in visibility should a disturbance be suspected. Once again SVI has a solution for most of these requirements, with flexibility to tweak designs to suit more specific needs of individual clients. Contact the team at SVI Engineering to discuss detailed needs in this sector, we are always glad to hear from you and be of service.