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Barrel and Bore Cleaning

Portable System

This is ideally suited for units on exercise or deployment overseas. The BCS 3000P is very compact, easily stowed away. Quick to set up and put away. Machine only weighs 20 kg. Dimensions are 48 x 28 x 23 cm.

BCS 3000P Field / Portable System Is a Portable Heavy Duty barrel cleaning system that is lightweight. It features a high-torque electric motor that spins the brush at various speeds from 0 – 1750 rpms and maintains constant torque. It is designed with a soft-start circuit that reduces operator fatigue and machine wear, giving you more control cleaning barrel of all calibers. Removing deposits is easy with our unique Air Flushing at the brush head. As the brush spins, compressed air comes out of the brush head to remove the debris fast into a containment bag.

Power Supply from 110V to 240V.

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Vacuum

The DCM 345 HEPA vacuum is made for removing deposits in all barrels and bores / hazardous environments. This system is ideally suited for depot or maintenance service work.

It features a large 68 l tank, (3) 1.5HP electric motor, 11 300 l/min and 2.23 m water lift, a HEPA filter rated at 99.97% and tyres for easy transportation.

In addition, the DCM 345 can be used for other applications such as blower cleaning, vents/registers cleaning and hazardous waste removal.

A one-man system used for cleaning all Barrels & Bores.

Depot System

When cleaning tank barrels or artillery bores in the depot situation, the BCS 3000G is ideally suited to this task. The system will allow you to clean a squadron of tanks within an hour, and with the hepa vacuum it will remove all contaminated waste particles and debris from the barrel.

BCS 3000G Heavy Duty System This system come complete with the DCM 345 Hepa Vacuum dust removal system, and is ideally suited for any barrels that contain contaminated waste particles. This system come on its own trolley and is easily wheeled to any destination, once set up a single operator can clean and polish a single tank barrel, in less than 5 Minutes and removes all and any debris with the HEPA Vac. No fuss and no mess. Both systems are so adaptable to all your present and future requirements.

Power Supply from 110V to 240V.

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