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Fire Control System – Compact Artillery Meteorological Station

Tactical Meteorological System description

The Tactical meteorological system deploys behind the launcher sections and provides meteorological upper air data for ballistic calculation purposes.

Using the data provided by the radiosonde, a three-dimensional description of the state of the atmosphere is provided at periodic time intervals. This information is utilised to observe the atmospheric conditions that are necessary to accurately analyse the weather. All the data is processed in order to compute pressure, temperature, humidity and wind as a function of position and altitude.

Main Components

  • Rugged laptop
  • DMET software
  • Interface unit
  • Radiosonde antenna and GPS assembly
  • Radio communication unit
  • Antenna
  • Power distribution unit
  • Interconnecting cables
  • Data communication unit and data radio optional

Main Features

  • Modular frame installation
  • Intuitive software
  • Standard ballistic meteorological message METB3 (STANAG 4061)
  • Standard artillery computer meteorological message METCM (STANAG 4082)
  • Standalone or vehicle installed
  • Data communications to fire control post and observer
  • 24 V DC power; optional portable power pack available

Main Functions

  • Flight sequence control
    • System set-up
    • Launch preparation
    • Sounding
  • Control of sub-systems
  • Display of system data
  • Format and distribute MET messages
  • Display of raw data
  • Help

Flight Sequence Control

  • System set-up: main set-up, remains valid for extended periods
  • Sounding set-up: station and sounding parameters prior launch
  • Launch preparation: Initialisation of meteorological data
  • Sounding: post launch, in-flight sounding control

Useful Display of Graphs

  • Pressure, temperature and humidity versus altitude
  • Wind direction and speed versus altitude
  • Air density versus altitude

Balloon Altitudes

Balloon Weight 100 g 200 g 300 g 350 g
Bursting Altitude 18.8 km 21.2 km 24.7 km 25.9 km

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