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Fire Control System – Control Post

Control Post

Effective fire control functions for artillery or infantry guns, mortars and rocket launchers.

Frame-based solution is suitable for standalone operation or integrated with a vehicle. Powered from 24V DC.

Data communication over tactical radios between

Major Components

  • Rugged laptop

    Fire control software

  • Data communication unit
  • Radio communication unit
  • Data radio
  • Antenna
  • Power distribution unit
  • Interconnecting cables

Main Software Functions

  • System set-up
  • Sub-system status and feedback
  • Fire mission preparation and set-up
  • Map-based information
    • User maps
    • MIL-STD 2525B symbology
    • Safety
    • Fire Arcs
    • Firing point
  • Target acquisition, with observer sensor or manual
  • Target records
  • Fire plans, set-up and execution
  • Fire mission set-up, execution and control
  • Ballistic calculations for multiple launchers and projectiles
  • Meteorological input and database
  • Data communication
    • Launcher network
    • Observer and upper echelon network
  • Ammunition stock control

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