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specialize in System Integration to provide an optimal system solution which still remains cost effective. System design and integration is focused to achieve the User Requirements and Expectations.

Fire Control System

Fire Control System – Battery Organisation

A Fire Control System which provides for a cost effective solution for organisation of a Battery deployment.

The hardware and software components are standardised across the organisation, which improves training and supportability.

Optional Regimental and Command structures can be provided.

Control Post

Provides effective Fire Control functions for Artillery or Infantry guns, mortars and rocket launchers.

Frame based solution suitable for stand alone operation and as an integration with a vehicle.

Forward Observer

The forward consists of the integration of observer sensors with the Fire Control Computer and software. Multiple configurations for the observer sensors are available and can be adapted to suit the needs of the user.

Launcher Management and Control System

The LMCS provides for the accurate positioning and laying of the launcher and launcher management tasks.

Meteorological Station

The measurement of upper air conditions to improve the first shot accuracy.

Data Communications

Data Communication between the Control Post and Forward Observer is managed over tactical radios.

Data Communications between the Command Post and Launchers is accomplished with rugged radio data units.

Main Software Functions

  • System Setup
  • Sub-system status and feedback
  • Fire Mission preparation and setup
  • Map based information:
    • User maps
    • MIL-STD 2525B symbology
    • Safety
    • Fire Arcs
    • Firing point
  • Target Acquisition
  • Target Records
  • Fire Plans, setup and execution
  • Fire Mission setup, execution and control
  • Ballistic calculations for multiple launcher types and projectiles.
  • Meteorological input and database
  • Data Communication:
    • Launcher network
    • Observer and upper echelon network
  • Ammunition stock control

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