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Mortar Vehicle System

Modular Approach

System design is flexible and can accommodate a number of configurations.

Automated Mortar System

Automated mortar system is a motorised platform with an inertial navigation system. The automated mortar system is a rapid reaction system with a high level of accuracy. The system provides for standard 61 mm to 82 mm mortar barrels and ammunition.

Fire control software is modular and provides for eight mortars, a fire control post and observer.

Observation Systems

The mortar system can be deployed with an onboard or dismounted observation system.

Vehicle Electronic Architecture

Consisting of computer, display/s, network switch, GPS, etc. Provides the backbone and control of the integrated system.

Remote Weapon System

A remote weapon system (RWS), which supports multiple weapon types, can be provided. The RWS is controlled by a gunner from separate controller/display. The video image can be relayed to the main computer for independent verification.

The RWS can be provided with a number of sensors and weapons to suit the needs of the user.


Provides for data and voice communication using an intercom and radios. The radios can comprise VHF and HF radios, both short and long range.

The intercom can be complemented by portable wireless stations.

BMS and Mortar Fire Control Software

The battle management system and mortar fire control software support the following capabilities:

  • System set-up
  • System status and configuration
  • Mission planning
  • Mortar fire control:
    • Target records
    • Fire missions
    • Fire plans
    • Ballistic calculations
  • Incident response and management
  • Mission tasking and reporting
  • Intelligence gathering and consolidation
  • Fire support requests
  • Blue force tracking
  • Situational awareness by means of map-based information
  • War diary, recording, consolidation and feedback
  • Weapon integration (RWS)
  • Navigation

Power Distribution

Electronically controlled power distribution allows control and monitoring of the power supply and distribution.

System Networks

Modular data and control interfaces on ethernet between systems and components. The system is controlled and configured from the main BMS display.

The CAN Bus provides control and data exchange between the BMS computer, vehicle components and PDU.

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