SVI System and Solutions

specialize in System Integration to provide an optimal system solution which still remains cost effective. System design and integration is focused to achieve the User Requirements and Expectations.

Police Vehicle System Options

Modular Approach

System design is flexible and can accommodate a number of configurations.

Vehicle Electronic Architecture

Consisting of computer/s, display/s, switches , GPS, etc. Provides the backbone and control of the integrated system.

Situational Awareness Camera System

Situational Awareness camera system, which will provide a 360 ̊ view.


Consisting of an intercom and radios. The radios can comprise of VHF and HF radios, short and long range.

Intercom can be complimented with portable stations.

Power Distribution

Electronic controlled power distribution allows control and monitoring over the power supply and distribution. Status can be monitored at a linked computer or device.

Software Suite

The BMS Software support the following capabilities:

  • System setup
  • System status and configuration
  • Mission planning
  • Incident response and management
  • Mission tasking and reporting
  • Intelligence gathering and consolidation
  • Fire support requests
  • Blue force tracking
  • Situational awareness by means of map based information
  • System log, recording, consolidation and feedback
  • Navigation

Ethernet Links

Modular Data and Control interfaces between Systems and components. The system is controlled and configured from the main BMS display.

CANbus Links

The CANBus provides control and data exchange between the BMS Computer, Vehicle components and PDU.

Optional Systems

The following systems and products can be provided as part of the integrated system:

  • RCIED Jammer
  • Long Range Acoustic Device

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