SVI System and Solutions

specialize in System Integration to provide an optimal system solution which still remains cost effective. System design and integration is focused to achieve the User Requirements and Expectations.

System Options


The operational deployment is taken into consideration during System Design and Integration to optimise the operation of sub-systems and products within the system context.

SVI Systems and Solutions together with their strategic partners provides a range of Systems and Products ready for integration with the SVI MAX or user vehicle.

SVI Systems and Solutions can install and integrate systems on new and existing vehicles.

Development Process

A typical development cycle will consist of the following phases:

  • System Requirements Review
  • System design and item selection
  • Design reviews
  • System, Sub-system and Product Development and Integration
  • System, Sub-system, Product test and verification
  • System and Sub-System Integration
  • Sub-system and system factory acceptance
  • System delivery and acceptance in User country
  • System training and field evaluation
  • System Support, including continuation training

Scope of Supply

SVI Systems and Solutions together with their strategic partners provides solutions in the following categories:

  • Battle Management System software
  • Fire Control Software (Howitzer Guns, Rocket Launchers, Mortars, etc)
  • Integrated Vehicle Electronic Architecture
  • Remote weapon systems (20mm, 12.7mm, 7.62mm LMG’s, 40mm grenades)
  • Observer Systems, mounted and dismounted
  • Communication products and systems (Radios and intercom)
  • Protection systems (passive)
  • RCEID and Communication jammers
  • Automated light Mortar and Rocket Launcher systems
  • Sniper detector
  • Smoke Launchers
  • Situational awareness camers systems
  • Long Range Acoustic Devices
  • Ambulance systems and vehicles
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Anti Tank Missile System
  • Multispectral Camouflage Vehicle Covers
  • Weapon boresighting and calibrations systems

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