Armoured Trains

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Armoured Trains

Unlikely as it seems, armoured vehicles are not restricted to those on the road. With SVI Engineering’s history and expertise in building various types of very successful armoured vehicles, we were approached by a large mining concern to develop a system to protect locomotives powering long trains carrying high-value cargo. These trains were facing assault rifle attacks while en route to various destinations on the African continent. SVI’s dynamic design team once again stepped up to the challenge. Following many site visits and consultations with the client, we developed an armouring system specifically for locomotives in more remote areas.

These kits are designed for maximum ballistic coverage and longevity, while also being aesthetically pleasing. They are functional without interfering with the locomotive’s operating systems (windscreen wipers/demisting elements within the glass), don’t impact visibility from inside the cab, are cost effective and relatively easy to install.

As a result, a basic crew is able to install locomotive armour (comprising steel and ballistic glass) within a single day, thereby saving critical and expensive downtime of the operation of the units.

Once again, SVI was able to deliver a great solution to the customer’s requirement, not only meeting the required design parameters but also delivering a product that is reliable over a long period and also able to withstand extreme environmental conditions in which trains are often required to operate. The relative simplicity of the installation also means that should any component need replacing, it can be quickly flown to where it needs to be and be installed fast, even in the field far away from dedicated workshop facilities.

With a large fleet converted to the customer’s satisfaction, we are geared to offer similar solutions to train operators throughout Africa and beyond, where trains travel through remote, hostile areas carrying cargo or passengers.

Millions of dollars of cargo, as well as lives of crews and passengers, can be saved by this solution. SVI Engineering is up to any challenge, irrespective of location, to assess, design and build similar armoured solutions for operators at risk of violent attacks on their trains.

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