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SVI’s Stopgun RANGE is A favourite in the mining and valuable-in-transit industries. this semi-discreet solution (B4+ and B6) sees the double-door system replaced with integrated door armour, including armoured glass fitted in the frames.

SVI Stopgun V2.0 & V3.0 OVERVIEW

While V1.3 featured a double-door system, the semi-discreet V2.0 package upgrades to integrated door armour, including armoured glass fitted in the window frames. Stopgun V3.0 for the Ford Ranger, meanwhile, has the flat armoured glass fitted behind the standard side windows.

Another first for this segment is a fully functional curtain airbag (where fitted) to complement the other standard safety systems. In addition, the split windscreen can be replaced with an optional curved item if required.

Popular B6 applications include the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger bakkies (single, extended and double cabs) and Nissan Navara (single and double cabs). SVI also offers a B6 Plus kit for the Land Cruiser 79 and a B4+ package for the Hilux, as well as a B6 version for the Hino 500 truck.

SVI Stopgun V3.0 (B6)

The Stopgun V3.0 package is currently exclusive to the Ford Ranger, though will also be offered on the closely related Volkswagen Amarok. It is differentiated from the V2.0 kit by the fact the flat armoured glass (complete with gunports) is fitted behind the standard side windows.

As a result, the package is considerably more discreet from the outside, while wind noise is also noticeably reduced. Buyers can furthermore upgrade to an optional curved windscreen for even more discretion.

In addition, the Stopgun V3.0 package can be ordered through any Ford dealership in South Africa, since SVI has Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) status with Ford. As a result, the manufacturer warranty and any selected service plan remain fully intact.


SVI Stopgun V2.0 PLUS (B6)

The Plus kit is reserved for the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 and appeals to users seeking an even more comprehensive package. It is differentiated from SVI’s other Stopgun V2.0 packages by the fact it boasts full firewall protection, with the resulting armouring process requiring the temporary removal of the dashboard (a task with which SVI has extensive experience).

In addition, the new package upgrades to full ballistic overlaps around the entirety of each door aperture, including the floor and sides.

Despite these additions, the Stopgun V2.0 Plus package for the Land Cruiser 79 remains cost effective and benefits from a short build time of just six weeks, with the vehicle remaining serviceable at the agent thereafter.

SVI Stopgun V2.0 LITE (B4+)

Slotting in just below the B6 Stopgun V2.0 kit, the Lite package provides Southern Africa’s security forces with an even more cost-effective solution. The B4+ armouring components offer protection against handguns and rifles up to 7.62×39 mm (including AK47).

There are two major advantages to SVI’s Stopgun V2.0 Lite package: the lower purchase cost and the addition of less weight to the vehicle. The latter furthermore means the donor Hilux does not require any suspension upgrades.

The lower mass is achieved primarily through the use of special armoured steel plating measuring 3.5 mm thick (compared to the 5 mm plates used in for B6). Likewise, the flat ballistic glass bolted into each window frame is thinner, coming in at 32 mm (rather than up to 40 mm for B6).

SVI Stopgun V2.0 HINO 500 (B6)

We developed the B6 Stopgun V2.0 kit for the Hino 500 Series in response to a sharp increase in truck hijacking incidents across South Africa.

Just like the version conceived for bakkies, the Hino 500 package eschews the double-door system in favour of unobtrusive integrated door armour, along with upgraded door hinges. The truck kit additionally gains secondary bolt-action door locks as well as an upgraded cab-tilting mechanism to ensure unhindered access to the powertrain for servicing requirements.

A split windscreen is used, while flat ballistic glass is fitted to each window frame. In addition to the usual body armour, the roof also gains protection, while the underfloor section features custom-fabricated armoured steel plates.

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