Max 9 By SVI

As an armoured personnel carrier, this bespoke military solution is the ultimate show of force. Meet the mighty MAX 9 by SVI…


Max 9 – Armoured Personnel Carrier

SVI’s continuous innovation and product development has resulted in the latest version of our armoured personnel carrier (APC), the MAX 9. This 8-seater (driver and seven passengers) features a payload capacity of 2 000 kg.

The MAX 9 incorporates a host of new features to provide extra security, comfort and convenience to clients shopping in the APC market. The MAX 9 has specially designed features starting from the hull, which can withstand blast levels normally associated with much larger, far more expensive vehicles (ballistic protection – STANAG 1 with optional upgrade, blast protection – STANAG 4569 AEP 55 level 3A/3B).

Our ultimate APC is designed to be adaptable to many different roles, depending on customer requirements. It can be used to simply transport personnel, serve as a weapons platform (turret mounted), employed in law enforcement or peacekeeping and even configured into a battlefield ambulance.

2023 SVI MAX 9

The vehicle has five doors, with the rear main door automatically operated from the driver’s seat to facilitate speedy entry, fast recovery of wounded patients and speedy exit from hostile situations. The MAX 9 can also be adapted to a vehicle recovery role, where an extra rear axle is built, resulting in a 6×6 vehicle with a flat back equipped with recovery and towing adaptations.

Power comes from an efficient yet powerful and reliable Cummins 6.7-litre turbodiesel engine, providing motive force through a specially adapted five-speed Allison automatic gearbox. With drive sent to Axletech front and rear axles, the MAX 9 is good for 115 km/h.

A modern CAN bus electrical system provides a digital dashboard display to the driver, while being more reliable and efficient to maintain and upgrade when necessary.

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