Bulletproof Glass

SVI uses only the best quality glass to provide the ultimate BAllistic protection, clear vision and zero delamination.

Bulletproof Glass

SVI’s endless pursuit of excellence means that we continuously stay up to date with technology and the latest developments in the armouring industry. One of the most critical factors when armouring is the replacement of the standard glass with thicker ballistic glass.

Not only does glass have to match the strength of advanced armoured steel and other composite armouring materials, but it must also retain its main function: minimal distortion and absolute clarity. This is extremely difficult to achieve especially on multi-bonded layers of glass and even more so on automotive curved ballistic glass.

For this reason SVI Engineering have acquired the African partnership for American Glass Products (AGP). With many years of experience, we are proud to put our name and reputation behind AGP’s products and enjoy a healthy relationship with the company. AGP is based in South America with state-of-the art facilities in Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

AGP glass accounts for around 40% of all ballistic glass worldwide, being an OE supplier to many of the world’s premier vehicle brands, as well as to police forces and numerous armaments industry clients. From motor vehicles to military vehicles and even warships, all are exposed to harsh and hostile environments.

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