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The INVICTO from brabus is a high-end armoured version of the latest Mercedes-Benz G-Class.


The INVICTO represents a high-end armoured version of the latest Mercedes-Benz G-Class and is produced by Brabus Automotive, which is located in Bottrop, Germany. The INVICTO Shelter Cell meets OEM factory armouring standards and makes use of hot-formed armouring steel plates and innovative 3D-printed parts. The ballistic protection level is VR6 (stopping AK47), however it is extended by a side-blast protection at the level of a luxury state limousine. The INVICTO VR6 Plus explosion-resistant vehicle (ERV) is also being developed. 

Depending on individual purposes or personal needs, the customer can choose between three exciting lines: PURE, LUXURY and MISSION.

SVI Engineering, a local leader in vehicle armouring, is the official distributor of Brabus Automotive armoured products in Africa, starting with the INVICTO range. The technical capability of the firm as well as its loyal customer base made it an easy choice for Brabus Automotive seeking to expand its footprint on the continent.


The PURE is the understated INVICTO, offering pure protection. With the INVICTO Shelter Cell and all its guarding components, it offers maximum protection at VR6 Plus ERV level. At the same time, however, the exterior and interior remain as close to series production as possible. Therefore, the INVICTO PURE is “undercover” in more than one sense.


Safety at the highest level of comfort and individualisation – that’s INVICTO LUXURY. Tailor-made and handcrafted interior in the finest leather or Alcantara as well as exterior components and performance upgrades from the BRABUS accessory programme. The INVICTO LUXURY almost invisibly combines maximum security at level VR6 Plus ERV and with a stylish, luxurious interior.


The INVICTO MISSION is made for missions and more. Special target groups have specific requirements for an armoured vehicle. With the MISSION, Brabus complies with this in every way and meets the exceptional demands for challenging purposes. With its sophisticated interior and the exterior features, such as protection vest compatible integral seats with variable foam geometry, MOLLE-system door panels and seat backs, a roof-rail system, a digital rear display mirror, the Acetech system with two touch control panels, an intercom system and 20-inch off-road tyres, the INVICTO MISSION is perfect for special forces.


Safety Cell

The highest technical standards were paramount for Brabus Automotive when it came to developing the new armoured vehicle based on the G-Class. Right from the very start, the overall ballistic concept was designed for a maximum protective effect corresponding to the level of OEM factory armour plating.

Unlike with other retroactively armour-plated vehicles, the components of the protection system were not individually welded into the vehicle’s bodywork structure; rather, the engineers at Brabus Automotive developed a self-contained, self-supporting, bolted structural cell, the so-called INVICTO Shelter Cell.

It is inserted into the body shell in a disassembled state and then constructed. One of the structural features of the shelter cell is the zero-joints design.

The armour components are mounted to the shelter cell without any gaps. Unavoidable weld seams, on the doors for example, are achieved with material overlapping and so-called labyrinths. The design of the upper windscreen frame is also innovative. For the first time anywhere in the world, Brabus is using protective elements here, which are produced in an additive manufacturing process in a 3D printer. The company is the first to do it.

G-Class Uprated

The added weight of the overall vehicle due to the armour plating is comparatively low at around 1 000 kg, but the load-bearing capacity of the chassis must be modified to meet the high requirements of Brabus Automotive when it comes to driving dynamics and lifespan. The necessary adjustments cover the entire front and rear axle construction of the vehicle. The entire wheel suspension, for example, has been replaced by new elements, while frame reinforcements around the longitudinal beams and the spring dome increase the strength of the original vehicle structure. The obligatory verification of the new construction included simulations using the finite element method (FEM), component analyses, stationary endurance runs and road tests. Thanks to this process established by Brabus Automotive, the extreme lifespan requirement can be ensured in accordance with OEM requirements, even with materials under the greatest of loads.


To ensure a high degree of driving dynamics, Brabus Automotive equips the chassis with reinforced springs, stabilisers and shock absorbers. The shock absorbers of the active chassis now have a pipe diameter of 60 mm instead of the previous 50 mm. A modified braking system with 402 mm discs and six-piston callipers at the front and 380 mm discs and four-piston callipers at the rear ensure adequate deceleration, even with the maximum additional load. Wheels with increased load-bearing capacity and a special run-flat system developed by Brabus Automotive round off the chassis adjustments of the vehicle.

Power On Demand

Maximum performance for the flagship G63 variant can be increased by opting for the Brabus B40S-800 performance kit. Each kit consists of two Brabus turbochargers with larger compressor units (52 mm diameter) and modified core assemblies with reinforced axial bearings. The performance increase is completed with the Brabus PowerXtra control module for the engine control unit. In addition to a bump in peak torque from 850 Nm to 1 000 Nm, the rated power output jumps by 158 kW from 430 kW to 588 kW.

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