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Military & Police Vehicles

SVI Engineering has many years of experience in providing protection to police and law enforcement vehicles, both locally and abroad. SVI Engineering’s dynamic design and management team has many years of technical expertise in the custom design and building of customer specific vehicles, be it for law enforcement or civilian applications.
SVI’s fully equipped, modern design systems, combined with comprehensively equipped workshop facilities, staffed by skilled passionate professionals, implies that all processes from drawing board design to final installation are done in house to our discerning standards, and very little needs to be outsourced.
Our ballistic glass partners, American Glass Products (AGP) have a successful close working relationship with SVI, providing unmatched quality and precision in supply replacement glass products for all applications.

Law enforcement vehicles range from conversions on passenger LDV’s and SUV’s, to purpose built anti‐riot and crowd‐control vehicles. All parts and components are engineered for specific vehicles for conditions specific to customer requirements and conditions, and not simply ‘imported’ bolt on type kits with rough and non‐precise fit and finish. When required to place yourself and your crew in harm’s way, be sure you are in an SVI protected vehicle.

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