SVI engineering announces bullet- proofing for VW Amarok

Armour specialists expand their protection services to model with V6 TDI motor.

n a recent report SVI engineering announced a collaboration with Ford SA to offer OEM backed bullet-proofing of its Ranger models. Now the Pretoria-based company says it offers its two levels of armour – B4 which allows the vehicle to withstand the fire power of handguns and B6, which offers protection against assault rifles, including the notorious AK-47 – for the Volkswagen Amarok V6 bakkie.

Ford now offering armoured Ranger bakkies through SVI partnership

You never thought you needed a bullet-proof car until you get the opportunity to drive one.

It’s quite cool actually, driving around like a boss imagining you’re some kind of VIP or wild gangster knowing that your competition can whip out as many guns as they want but the chances of sleeping at home are almost guaranteed.

Armoured Ranger bakkie? You can now order from Ford SA's dealerships...

Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa says customers can now order OEM-approved armoured Ranger bakkies from its dealerships nationwide.

The Blue Oval brand has partnered with SVI Engineering, a Pretoria-based vehicle-armouring firm, to bring the option to local customers.

SVI offers two levels of “Ford-approved” armoured protection for the popular bakkie, available across the whole Ranger line-up (so, all three body configurations and all powertrains).

Ford and SVI team up to build armoured vehicles

Ford partners with SVI to offer factory-approved armoured vehicles for civilian and corporate use.

Ford Motor Company South Africa has partnered with SVI Engineering to offer a range of personal protection solutions in their Ford Ranger range. Whether you’re a high-profile executive, an attorney, or member of the state, you’ll be able to find a solution that suits your individual needs.

Armoured Ford Ranger (2021) First Drive

Vehicle-armouring specialists SVI Engineering and Ford South Africa have signed an agreement to build factory-approved bulletproof Ranger bakkies. We headed out to the SVI facility in Gauteng to put the vehicles through their paces and see what the armouring process entails.


This Is What It Takes To Convert A Production Vehicle Into An Armoured Car

The AK47 assault rifle rests heavy in my hands … this is definitely not a normal day in the life of a CAR journalist. The weapon – and, yes, it is legal – belongs to Jaco de Kock, managing director of SVI Engineering ( and we’re standing in his facility’s self-contained shooting range outside Pretoria.

SVI Op Wiele2Wiele

Die egpaar Carl en Jeanette Kritzinger bespreek weekliks in Wiele2Wiele die jongste motornuus, van bekendstellings en padtoetse to algemene nuus en handige wenke. Die week ry hulle onder andere met een van SVI se panservoertuie! Luister vanaf 07:45 om meer oor koeëlvaste motors te leer.

Só Ry ‘n Koeëlvaste Cruiser

In ‘n land waar misdaad op vele plekke hoogty vier, is ‘n Cruiser wat teen vuurwapens bestand is, nie ‘n slegte idee nie. Landbouweekblad het SVI besoek, ‘n onderneming naby Pretoria wat gewone rygoed ombou om koeëlvas te wees.

Pantser-bielies Vir Al

Dis lank nie meer net die pous en die president van Ameriak wat in versterkte voertuie die wêreld deurkruis nie. Al hoe meer Suid-Afrikaners wend hulle tot ‘n spesialis in Pretoria, waar ‘n gesinsmotor in ‘n pantserwa omgeskep kan word.

Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object

The notion of driving around in bulletproof vehicles might seem like the stuff of popes, political dignitaries, and the movies. But think again – a proudly home-grown company is creating world-class armoured-vehicle solutions for anyone who is interested.

Building a Military Vehicle

Forget your modified 4×4 bakkie with its tweaked suspension, body kit, aftermarket wheels and bull bar with an integrated winch. Compared to the SVI Max 9 armoured personnel carrier (APC) standing in front of me, the pick-up resembles a Dinky toy. Just getting into the Max 9 takes two steps up the side holding onto the open door that is locked into places.


RSG het by SVI kom kuier en met Nico Louw, Besigheidsontwikkelings Bestuurder, oor ons verskeidenheid van gepantserde voertuie gesels.

Hoor hoe klink dit binne-in n SVI Max 3 koeëlvaste voertuig

Luister: Hierdie week het die Wiele2Wiele-span ‘n giggelgeel-laggie van lekkerte wanneer hulle gaan ry met die Porsche 718 Cayman GT4. Hulle vertel jou ook oor Renault se Sandero-reeks wat opgeknap is met ‘n Stepway Techroad-model, hoor hoe klink dit binne-in ‘n SVI Max 3 koeëlvaste voertuig en gee raad vir 2-wiele

SVI enhances MAX 3 armoured vehicle

The notion of driving around in bulletproof vehicles might seem like the stuff of popes, political dignitaries, and the movies. But think again – a proudly home-grown company is creating world-class armoured-vehicle solutions for anyone who is interested.

Radio 702 Car Feature - Bulletproof Vehicles

With Guest: Nicol Louw – Business Development Manager at SVI Armoured Vehicles

SVI sees armoured vehicle sales grow as crime increases

Crime is on the increase and Covid-19 has not helped, particularly as the pandemic has pushed up unemployment figures.

The country’s rising crime is reflected in a surge in the sale of Special Vehicle Innovation Engineering’s (SVI’s) armoured vehicles, as well as the sheer amount of enquiries about its products, says business development manager Nicol Louw.

“With our vehicles, you won’t be afraid to go out at night.”

Ever thought of selling armour as an optional extra?

Months of waiting and millions in added costs have made selling an OEM armoured vehicle almost impossible, but local firm SVI says it has the solution.